Sapphire FUE VS DHI

Let’s talk about the two latest and most used techniques in Hair Transplant nowadays, and let’s compare them.

Sapphire FUE   VS   DHI

Sapphire FUE is practiced just like Standard FUE, yet it has some advantages thanks to its Sapphire blades

Sapphire blades do not lose their sharpness.

– Tissue Trauma risk is minimum

– No circulation problem

– Minimum risk of infection and allergy

– Quicker healing process

– Denser implantation opportunity compared to metal slit technique

– Minimum oedema after the operation. Because less liquid is injected to under the skin when it is compared to metal slit technique.

So it is legitimate to ask ourselves, what is the DHI method new added value?

In fact, a lot of companies will try to sell this method as the best one because it is the newest, but is it really the case? They will use arguments like:

– Results are 100% natural.

– Healing time is short after the surgery.

– No marks left or incisions.

– Painless procedure.

– Implantation without shaving possible.

Which is the case… but it is also the case for the Sapphire FUE technique!

And what is also true is because this method is new, it is also not optimized yet. Which means that if you look for someone who has a lot of experience in this delicate procedure, in order to have a good result, keep in mind that it will be a longer operation and a more expensive one.

But a lot of people using this method do not have enough experience, and because it is harder to control the depth and the angle of the transplantation, the survival rate of the grafts can decrease, thus, the density can be less that the expected result. This method cannot be performed on people who have a long time baldness as well… while Sapphire FUE can be performed for everyone.

If you heard about it, it is thanks to good marketers, so be careful.

To sum up, what you have to remember is: the Sapphire FUE is still the best method RIGHT NOW!

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