Mesotherapy and Dermaroller

A lot of post-operation treatments exist in order to increase, even slightly, the results you can get following your hair transplantation. So let’s have a look at one of those treatments called ‘Mesotherapy’.

Mesotherapy is a technique of injecting the chosen serum into the epidermis. Thanks to a dermaroller, the serum penetrates deep into the skin. Indeed, the action of micro-needles promotes the absorption of the treatment instantly and lastingly. While the creams and serums are applied manually, and therefore remain on the surface of the skin, here, the serum will act at the heart of the epidermis.

Unlike your usual care, the serums used for Mesotherapy are provided with innovative active ingredients. Highly concentrated in active ingredients, it consists of a nutritious and revitalizing cocktail based on hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals with hydrating and antioxidant properties, they allow to act locally and quickly, unlike the usual creams and serums where it is sometimes necessary to wait several months before seeing the first results.

And in order to get the full benefits of this serum, we will do ‘micro-needling’. It allows precise and concentrated distribution of the product, ensuring better efficiency.

Dermarolling or micro-needling is a process that was originally carried out by a dermatologist. Nowadays, it is also commonly done at home… But what is a dermaroller?

A dermaroller is a skin care device. On one end is a handle and on the other is a roller with lots of small, fine needles on its surface. There are a number of different brands of dermaroller available, and they are considered to be relatively inexpensive. It is important to purchase one from a trusted retailer and to make sure that it is sterile before it is used.

How does it work ?

When the dermaroller is rolled over the skin, the small, fine needles on the roller puncture the skin. The holes that the needles create in the skin are tiny and considered to be superficial. For this reason, the treatment is not seen as invasive. When the skin is punctured, this creates a controlled skin injury. It does not cause actual damage to the outer layer of skin. The needles help to break down any scar tissue.

The controlled injuries to the skin lead to superficial bleeding. This triggers the body’s wound healing response, and the following occurs:

•           the skin releases substances that stimulate growth

•           new blood vessels form in the skin

•           the skin starts to make more collagen

Over the next 5 days, the collagen produced by the body is deposited in the area of treated skin. This helps the skin to become firmer and may reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles.

To sum up, the serum coupled with micro-needling, acts instantly on the texture and appearance of the skin. Mesotherapy does not distort facial features but allows direct application of a treatment concentrated in active ingredients to the heart of the epidermis. The dermaroller will boost cell regeneration thanks to the simultaneous action of micro-needles. And if your skin is healthier, your hair will be healthier as well !

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