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We open a door to a new, beautiful life, with percept of multi center. We present a high quality health service to the citizens of EU, Canada and Arab countries. Citizens of those countries are offered at one third of the price compared to the ones given in their own countries . With over 10 years of experience, we get a price from the most qualified hospitals and clinics in İstanbul and choose the most reputable surgical team, and prepare the conditions to guarantee your money and your health in your stead. With over 8000 hair plantation and 5000 aesthetic surgery attempt, we share an incontestable experience with you . Only thing you need to do is to choose the convenient pack to your budget. We help you to reach a hundred of before/after photographs of all the surgery teams and never leave you alone even for a second from the time you arrive at the airport till you leave, and videotape all the meetings that you’ll do with the surgery team. While you’re getting beautiful for a budget friendly price, we will always be there for you.

Not only with capacity of 14.134 beds and 166 private hospitals, but also with it’s substructure and tecnological equipments, İstanbul is one of the first 10 cities all around the world. 48 of these 166 hospitals have JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation. In terms of global health ,JCI is gold standard) Turkey with its 36 medical faculties, which are accepted equivalent by the USA, is the 2nd country which has the largest number of medical faculties in Europe. After educated in Turkey, 90% of doctors become succesful in USA's USMLE the equivalence exams . While 75000 people prefered İstanbul for health tourism in 2008, 480.000 people in 2013 , and 700.000 people opted İstanbul in 2017. In this gorgeous city which had been the capital city of Byzantine Empire, while you’re gaining you’re health back, a wonderful holiday will be waiting for you.

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    £250 Discount on All Procedures! £350 Discount on Multiple Procedures!

  • Hello my dear patients! There is a strong demand for hair transplantation and aesthetic surgery in Turkey. Due to increasing demand, frauds are on the go this company whose administration consisting of only doctors, we aim to keep them away from you.

    Dr. Cihan Can CANGİR İstanbul